Acai Bowls

Acai is definitely my number one go to for morning breakfasts, and it has been for several years. Even back when it was all fairly new to the Australian market and only available at very select cafes, I used to make “acai bowls” to take with me to work the next day, preparing with excitement the night before then consuming a brown, liquid smoothie with a little granola added for morning tea. Oh how times, and my knowledge changed since those early days. Rain, hail, sun or snow, I consume at least one of these bowls every couple of days.  Balanced on winters days by a strong hot coffee, or slurped up rapidly in the high heat of summer, Acai is a versatile, delicious meal for any time of the day at any time of the year.

Generally I follow a pretty stead fast recipe when creating, however the sky is the limit! You can completely alter the flavours just by changing the liquid you decide to mix with or the berries you choose to blend in.
My basic Acai Smoothie bowl recipe is as follows
  1. In a high powered blender add
  2. 2 frozen Bananas
  3. 1/2 cup Frozen Strawberries
  4. 1 frozen Acai smoothie pack (I always use pure, as the ones labelled as “energy” etc have other additives I would rather add and control myself)
  5. A splash or two of Coconut Milk (from a tetra pack, not the canned variety)
  6. Blend until smooth and creamy, the less liquid you add the thicker the mixture will be, so always start with less and add more as need.
Super simple and super delicious!!
Another delicious berry to add in is Blueberry as it doesn’t overpower the flavours. I get asked a lot about the colour of my Acai and how it is such a rich deep purple.  The one thing I have found is not all Acai is created equal, some brands I have come across oxygenate and go a brown colour and some don’t, shop around and find the best one (not that the brown alters the flavour in any way, so no need for concern).  If you can not get hold of pure Acai Puree smoothie packs you can always use freeze dried powder to achieve a similar result.
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Toppings are always my favourite part and generally I always go overboard however my absolute can’t live without toppings are strawberries, apple, passionfruit and a little coconut yoghurt.  Also like throwing a little added crunch in with some crunchy granola, but not too much.
But have fun with it! There are not set rules with Acai, its all up to your favourite flavour combinations.

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